Wholly owned by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service, IT Resource Centre (HKCSS-ITRC)has been working since 2001 to achieve a digitally inclusive society through enhancing the ICT capabilities of local NGOs. To date, more than 500 nonprofits have gained access to a total of 25,000 donated ICT products valued at HK$88million.

Email: info@hkcss.org.hk
Website: hkcss.org.hk
Tel: +852-2922-9280

Some of HKCSS-ITRC’s other programs include:


Ageing in a Technological Era

Less than 30 years ago, ageing populations were perceived to be a burden to families and society – their contributions to community were heavily outweighed by the need to look after them. In recent years, the emergence of new technology solutions, designed and built specifically to address ageing on different levels, be it dementia, Alzheimer’s … Continue reading Ageing in a Technological Era


Technology for Good Day 2017

The “Technology for Good Day” event, formerly known as “NGO Day”, has established itself as a key platform for non-governmental organizations (NGOs), public and private sectors to exchange experience, develop partnership and explore new ICT and strategies in meeting social needs of all kinds. It also signifies the 13th year collaboration between Microsoft Hong Kong … Continue reading Technology for Good Day 2017

Hong Kong: SocTech

Hong Kong: SocTech

SocTech is the abbreviation of Social Tech(nology), a new initiative of the Information Technology Resource Centre (ITRC). SocTech promotes inter-sectoral collaboration between the social and technology sectors, emphasizing the power of technology as a society shaper. In the mid to long-term, SocTech targets to foster a vibrant and dynamic culture in the Hong Kong community, … Continue reading Hong Kong: SocTech

Hong Kong: HKCSS – DBS Social Innovators 2016 Final Pitch

Hong Kong: HKCSS – DBS Social Innovators 2016 Final Pitch

Earlier this year, DBS Foundation kicked off the inaugural DBS Social Innovators 2016. The HK$2 million program provides funding and incubation support to social innovators to solve various problems through social entrepreneurship. Over the past three years, DBS Foundation has promoted the development of social enterprises in Hong Kong amounting to HK$6 million. The Foundation … Continue reading Hong Kong: HKCSS – DBS Social Innovators 2016 Final Pitch