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Supporting I.T communities of nonprofits in Taiwan

Every organization, regardless sector, profit or nonprofit will have ICT needs. Servers, infrastructure, software and hardware procurement, firewall, securities, routine maintenance – all require I.T skills. The intricacies of the support system of an organization is often taken for granted.

In an effort to support ICT staff from the nonprofit sector, Frontier Foundation Taiwan organized a session in August with the aim of supporting and strengthening the nonprofit IT community in Taiwan.

Creating a face-to-face platform for IT related personnel was the first part of the strategy. Apart from developing this avenue for them to share knowledge, resources and best practices, Frontier Foundation Taiwan also set up an online discussion group on Facebook where materials can be circulated and downloaded, and discussions will extend beyond the physical boundaries of northern Taiwan.

The first meeting saw 20 participants representing 15 organizations from northern Taiwan. Common challenges  included implementation of cloud or office products, using nonprofit-specific products such as Google Nonprofits, troubleshooting and solving I.T issues with limited human resources. As many nonprofits are unable to afford full-time paid I.T staff, part of the goal was to invite volunteers, retirees, and professionals who are able to provide technical support, advice or hands-on troubleshooting for the nonprofit sector.

With quarterly meetings and an active online platform, Frontier Foundation hopes to provide to support and strengthen the nonprofit I.T community in Taiwan.

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