BarCamp ASEAN : Top NGO Priorities

The TechSoup team participated in the BarCamp ASEAN Conference 2017 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia for an annual gathering of local tech companies, large business, small enterprises, government offices, nonprofits, and students. A two-day coming together of different sectors and groups, all in the purpose of finding ways to collaborate and open opportunities for Cambodia’s promising youth.

As part of the BarCamp conference, our team hosted a breakout session for a diverse group of attendees including over 50 unique NGOs along with representatives from local businesses and the academe.

Despite the diversity of the crowd, the needs mapping activity that we conducted during the session revealed a singular priority shared across the room – a need to improve communications, be it to better promote nonprofits’ services and advocacy, or to help engage potential partners and donors. The need for improving communications, either for fundraising or partnership purposes, is in fact echoed throughout the larger Southeast Asian region.

Through an informal survey1 that we conducted February 2017, nonprofits in neighboring countries such as Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam all reported ‘Digital Marketing’ topics within their top 5 priorities for training needs2. In addition, nonprofit organizations from Vietnam, Indonesia and Singapore also identified a need to learn how to ‘Develop Partnerships’ as a training topic that also falls within their top 5 priorities3.

Using the results from the survey, TechSoup has developed a series of training following the priority tech needs. In Philippines, we conducted a storytelling webinar, and set up Netsquared, a community-based learning group designed to support nonprofits in the area. The team will also be facilitating two sessions at the Community Seminar, hosted by APCOM.

TechSoup remains committed to empowering the nonprofit sector through providing various tools, resources and platforms.

1Informal survey was sent to Techsoup Asia-Pacific’s mailing list that generated 240 responses from NGOs across Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, South Korea, Cambodia, Myanmar and India.
2Specific priority ranking of ‘Digital Marketing’ as a training session per country are as follow: Ranked 1st (highest priority) in Thailand, 3rd in Vietnam and  4th in Indonesia and Philippines
3Specific ranking of ‘Developing Partnerships’ as a training sessions per country are as follow: Ranked 2nd in Indonesia and Vietnam and 4th in Singapore

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