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Digibayanihan – Communal Unity in a Digital Age

As the world moves into the fourth industrial revolution, digital literacy is vital in ensuring people keep up with advancements. In a country like Philippines where crippling issues such as poverty, lack of access to primary education, where 5.6% of the population (roughly 5million adults) are unemployed, a more digitally savvy and literate nation brings an abundance of benefits to society.

Digibayanihan, a combination of the words digital and Bayanihan (translated to communal unity), an initiative that began in 2014 to promote digital literacy and digital citizenship, was relaunched in October this year. In partnership with the Philippines Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), the project is supported by Google.org and spearheaded by Asia Society for Social Improvement and Sustainable Transformation (ASSIST).

The DigiBayanihan project is split into three components:

  1. Test Hero, an online test preparation portal that seeks to help high school students confidently pass critical tests such as college and university entrance exams.
  2. Career Engine, prepares students to become job-ready and life-ready through soft skills training and assistive modules.
  3. DQ World, tackles the issue of internet safety and the role of DQ world in teaching children about responsible digital citizenship, and cyber safety in a digital world.

As digital literacy become a defining component in this modern world, DigiBayanihan and its initiatives strives to digitally transform the Philippines while shaping the country’s next future leaders to become more skilled yet more responsible.

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