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Facebook Ads training

Around the world, Facebook is synonymous with many things – groundbreaking news, fake news, connecting old friends, building new networking, targeted marketing, and most recently advertising. These products are available and useful not just for businesses but to the nonprofit sector too.

In September, Japan NPO Center (TechSoup Japan) and Facebook Japan collaborated on another round of Facebook workshop for the nonprofit community in Japan.

The format, focusing on Facebook Ads, comprised two sessions – an afternoon session for the advanced users, and an evening session for the beginners session. A total of 80 participants signed up for the event.

Advanced level participants included existing Facebook Ad users, and those who were familiar with the extensive features of the social media. Facebook employee experts were invited to comment on actual Facebook Ad cases, providing constructive comments on ways to improve their reach and target audience.

Mr.HasegawaFacebookJapanFacebook Japan’s Managing Director, Shin Hasegawa, expressed that Facebook was pleased with on-going partnership with the nonprofit community, to which Facebook Japan would like to continue providing their know-hows as much as possible.


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