Currently serving 43 countries within the Asia-Pacific region, the 12 different partners of TechSoup Asia-Pacific has collectively provided Technology Donations, NGO Data Validation, Technology Education and Community events for over 35,000 NGOs, charities, nonprofits, and civil society organisations.

Apps for Impact

TechSoup Utilizes Open Data for Civic Engagement and Resource Mobilization In parallel with the global movement for access to information, TechSoup has developed methodologies to tap into stores of open data that have recently become available. It has built and launched mobile apps that have been designed for, by, and with civil society groups. These … Continue reading Apps for Impact

Technology Consultancy and Support

Most NGOs often have neither the time or resources to get the right training and help to adequately leverage technology for their organization. It requires planning, setup, implementation, staff training, and evaluation. The best resource is an experienced person that can analyse the organisation’s requirements, and advise to create an effective implementation plan. To meet … Continue reading Technology Consultancy and Support

Community Events

Convening Events

We bring together civil society organizations, technologists, philanthropists and government together to foster innovation and collaboration for positive impact, through our convenings and gatherings.

Technology Education

Capacity Development and Training

TechSoup learning resources include e-learning, webinars, media, and research that share best practices in leveraging technology to improve charity and non-profit work.

NGO Validation

NGO Validation and Data

TechSoup validates over 150,000+ NGOs every year in over 235 different countries all over the world to help grant makers and donor partners to target eligible nonprofits to receive their services

Technology Donations

Technology Donations for Nonprofits

TechSoup has delivered over US$ 10.1 billion in technology discounts and donations to nonprofits all over the world. In the Asia-Pacific, over 35,000 nonprofits are currently being served through our 11 NGO partners.