TechSoup Utilizes Open Data for Civic Engagement and Resource Mobilization

In parallel with the global movement for access to information, TechSoup has developed methodologies to tap into stores of open data that have recently become available. It has built and launched mobile apps that have been designed for, by, and with civil society groups.

These apps utilize open data for civic engagement and resource mobilization and have been tested in contexts as diverse as Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America, and the United States. Through its Apps4Cities program, community challenges, and Caravan Studios division, TechSoup has developed deep experience in diverse areas. Here are some examples.

  • Youth in Turkey continue to design and build community organizing tools to address and solve local challenges.
  • Community challenges in Romania have created apps for civic transparency and accountability.
  • The SafeNight app enables U.S. victims of domestic violence to find shelter, and the Range app helps U.S. youth find free meals during summer break.

We plan to leverage this comprehensive experience to address challenges in Asia. We will work to mobilize resources for disasters and refugees and to combat human trafficking.

  • Consultant Connection — This mobile directory leverages TechSoup’s e-commerce and NGO databases to enable NGOs to search for and learn how to best engage service providers. Service providers can start with a variety of ICT, social media marketing, and advanced IT planning needs. Consultant Connection can also scale to a variety of business needs for institution building, including leadership planning, finance, legal, HR, etc.