Civil society wants and needs to improve organizational effectiveness and sustainability. TechSoup Asia-Pacific builds capacity through trainings and education that improve nonprofits’ abilities to fulfill their mission. Areas of focus include governance, leadership, strategic planning, networking, communications, human resources, and fundraising.

Training in many Asia-Pacific countries can be difficult, expensive, inconvenient, and not rooted in the local context. We leverage technology and our partner network to create better, low-cost approaches at scale. Our initiatives include:

Social Media for Social Change

In May 2018, Malaysia saw a new beginning : a new political coalition party, Pakatan Harapan (Alliance of Hope), took over Malaysia for the first time since independence from the British in 1957. Overnight, the political tsunami in Malaysia became a hallmark of democracy across the country and the region. As with any new situation, … Continue reading Social Media for Social Change

NGO Incubator Pitch

Incubating Solutions to Fight Human Trafficking

TechSoup Asia-Pacific and partner Yayasan Salam hosts an event in Malaysia that brought together organizations with shark-tank-esque pitches on why their initiatives against human trafficking should be incubated. This project was funded by the US Embassy of Malaysia.

Bridging HIV Awareness and Technology

FHI 360, TechSoup Asia-Pacific and Kitabisa work towards strengthening the ICT capacities of grassroots NGOs in Indonesia that are working to combat HIV

NGO Needs Mapping Workshop in Manila

TechSoup Asia-Pacific holds a needs mappying workshop for NGOs based in Manila, introducing them to the vast donations catalogue while also helping them create a workplan on efficiently implementing these in their offices.

Reintroducing TechSoup Thailand

Nonprofits around the globe face similar challenges. However, with changes in political landscapes, shifts in economic powers and evolving market trends, these challenges often become very geographically contained. In early May 2017, TechSoup Thailand organized a networking and learning event to understand the current challenges that Thai nonprofits are facing. As a technology nonprofit, TechSoup … Continue reading Reintroducing TechSoup Thailand

Technology for Good Day 2017

The “Technology for Good Day” event, formerly known as “NGO Day”, has established itself as a key platform for non-governmental organizations (NGOs), public and private sectors to exchange experience, develop partnership and explore new ICT and strategies in meeting social needs of all kinds. It also signifies the 13th year collaboration between Microsoft Hong Kong … Continue reading Technology for Good Day 2017

Simplifying Technology

Technology can be daunting for many, especially for those who struggle to keep up with emerging technological trends. In view of the low digital literacy in the region, the TechSoup Asia Pacific team has made it a priority to simplify these ‘daunting’ concepts. Jed Adao, TechSoup Asia-Pacific Project Coordinator, developed a mini series of “Tech … Continue reading Simplifying Technology

#LetsGetSocial @ Bandung

At the end of August, we co-organized #LetsGetSocial! with our Indonesia partner Kitabisa in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. 148 participants representing 87 organizations from across the Java province – Bandung, Tasikmalaya, Garut, and Semarang attended the session. Kitabisa shared tips on how to raise money online, how to be a digital-friendly organization, and ways that … Continue reading #LetsGetSocial @ Bandung

Hong Kong: SocTech

Hong Kong: SocTech

SocTech is the abbreviation of Social Tech(nology), a new initiative of the Information Technology Resource Centre (ITRC). SocTech promotes inter-sectoral collaboration between the social and technology sectors, emphasizing the power of technology as a society shaper. In the mid to long-term, SocTech targets to foster a vibrant and dynamic culture in the Hong Kong community, … Continue reading Hong Kong: SocTech

Hong Kong: HKCSS – DBS Social Innovators 2016 Final Pitch

Hong Kong: HKCSS – DBS Social Innovators 2016 Final Pitch

Earlier this year, DBS Foundation kicked off the inaugural DBS Social Innovators 2016. The HK$2 million program provides funding and incubation support to social innovators to solve various problems through social entrepreneurship. Over the past three years, DBS Foundation has promoted the development of social enterprises in Hong Kong amounting to HK$6 million. The Foundation … Continue reading Hong Kong: HKCSS – DBS Social Innovators 2016 Final Pitch

Technology Trainings

We organise a variety of trainings and workshops on new technology applications, or an issue focus such as disaster preparedness, fundraising, or social media.


The TechSoup partner network gains social sector insights from large‐scale research projects in Asia and globally, like our Technology for Good report, our our Global Cloud Survey.


We organise many campaigns around a key social benefit focus, including Technology for Good, Digital Inclusion, or our Storymakers campaign that teaches digital storytelling.

Locally Relevant E-learning

Our blended learning model includes online courses of short, highly engaging video lessons integrated with collaborative, hands‐on, face‐to‐face workshops with peers and facilitators.

Social Sector Media

TechSoup produces and distributes a wide variety of educational and inspirational content through e-newsletters, blogs, and social media channels.


The latest best practices in leveraging technology are delivered by weekly webinars attended by thousands of global participants.


CSR Capacity Building

Nascomm Foundation Business Responsibility Forums help India IT-BPM companies to develop impactful CSR programs.