Move to a More Secured Email Platform with TechSoup!

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Are you still using a personal Gmail or Yahoo email accounts for work? Let us help you move to a more secured platform!

Email remains a primary driver of communications at most organizations, but the way we work has changed dramatically. We read and send emails from home, the grocery store, and the cafe using whatever device and through various public wifi networks that may not necessarily be secure. This means that the security of our devices and their doorways into your systems should be of topmost priority. Additionally, also remember that losing your device is also a day-to-day risk, so the ability to manage accounts remotely and centrally should also be considered to avoid further risks!

That is exactly why TechSoup recommends nonprofits to professional Gmail systems that offer security and remote management features. Through TechSoup, not only will we help you migrate to these new and secure professional systems,  we will also help eligible organizations access these accounts for entirely for free through the Google for Nonprofits program!

So what are you waiting for? Take the next step and move to the Cloud with our complementary Gmail Migration support! If you are willing to participate, please fill out the form below so we can fully assess your organization.

Gmail Migration Questionnaire

Kindly take note that this is a complementary Gmail Migration support. We will only accommodate a LIMITED number of qualified nonprofit organizations in APAC.