Untitled design (1)_0.png Simon Gee | Managing Director

With close to a decade’s work of experience in the nonprofit sector, Simon is the former Chief Operating Officer of TechSoup Asia-Pacific’s Australian partner, Connecting Up. Since his transition to TechSoup Asia-Pacific, his work has involved devising and implementing various strategies to further improve the TechSoup Asia-Pacific program. Some of his recent work involved further improving TechSoup Asia-Pacific’s local support across the region.

   Elizabeth Liew | Project Development

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Liz has experience in both the corporate and non-profit sector. Her role in TechSoup focuses on curating relationships with corporate philanthropists and the non-profit community, developing strategic partner networks, scoping project proposals and preparing grant submissions.

  Untitled design (5)_0.png Jed Adao | Program Manager

Jed works closely with Simon Gee and TechSoup in coordinating TechSoup’s operations across multiple countries covered by TechSoup Asia-Pacific. His core responsibility is to ensure the efficient delivery of TechSoup’s core programs – qualification services technology discounts & donations – and to oversee outreach, marketing & capacity development programs across the Southeast Asian region.


Nadine Nebres | Asia-Pacific Agent

Based in Manila, Philippines, Nadine works closely with Jed in supporting NGOs from over 11 countries to access the donations and discounts available through the local TechSoup programs managed by TechSoup Asia-Pacific team. In addition, Nadine is also engaged in arranging various outreach and marketing activities across the region