Successful YSEALI Regional Workshop

The Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) Regional Workshop: Good Governance and Civil Society has officially concluded on March 27, 2021.  This is a program sponsored by the U.S. State Department through funding managed by the U.S. Embassy Kuala Lumpur. This workshop was initially planned to be held in Kuala Lumpur but has shifted to a fully virtual program.

With over 40-hours sessions, the program included a combination of panel discussions, fireside chats, lightning talks, up-close and personal sessions with industry experts, virtual interactive group exercises, hands on activities, virtual networking, reading assignments and group project discussions. A total of 90 participants from Southeast Asia joined the online program and actively engaged in different discussions and conversations on topics related to good governance and transparency. The participants had the opportunity to network with and received mentorships from regional leaders and experts from different sectors of civil society, government and public institutions, and private industries.

Post-Workshop Evaluation Survey
As part of the monitoring and evaluation structure of the program, we asked the participants to fill in a post-workshop evaluation survey to understand participants’ overall learning journey as well as their feedback on different parts of the program, including their experience on each session, logistic arrangements, as well as the utilization and effectiveness of Howspace as an online engagement platform.

Summary of the survey highlights are as follows:
1. The top 3 things participants gained from the workshop:
– Networking with other emerging leaders
– Learn tools to drive positive change in communities
– Develop project ideas to tackle corruption and transparency issues.
2. 100% said they have broadened their understanding on good governance, transparency, and anti-corruption issues.
3. 98% said they have gained new connections and network through the program.

Pitching Competition Project Winners
This pitching competition aimed to support participants to develop and implement project ideas, to share their lessons learned with their communities, and give an opportunity to showcase their passion and commitment as change makers of the region. Each team conceptualized solutions on the issues and carved their project ideas. They submitted an infographic with details of their project ideas, implementation strategy and the impact it will contribute to the community. You can check the project winners here.

Workshop Engagement Awards
For the Aspiration Award, individual participants were asked to send their pledge on good governance and transparency, and the top four most meaningful and creative pledge won an award. For the Creative Team Award, we asked each team to submit a video showcasing their country’s culture as a team. One most creative video won an award. You can check the engagement award winners here.

Through this regional workshop, young Southeast Asian leaders who are working on issues related to good governance and civic engagement, were empowered and equipped with knowledge and techniques, enabling them to promote transparent governance and democracy upon returning to their home countries.

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