Taiwan: 2016 NGO Connection Day

Every year, we tour in different cities around Taiwan to explore new ICT innovation and trends with NGOs. In 2016, we hosted six events around Taiwan with topics covered “Office 365: Sharings and Experiences of NPO”, “Powerful Tool for Social Workers: Visio with Powerful Pedigree Stencil” and strategy of social media contents. 499 attendees, representing 309 local nonprofits. Those event was co-sponsored by the local MS office.

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Hong Kong: ITRC Forum 2016 – Computing Everywhere

In December 2016, Hong Kong’s I.T Resource Center (ITRC) organized the ITRC Forum 2016 themed Computing Everywhere.
The forum served as a platform for nonprofits and ICT solution providers to meet and share relevant technology trends and development.
The main objective of the forum was to encourage the adoption of ICT applications among nonprofits, which in turn contribute to a better service delivery to the needy in our community.
Over the years, the world has witnessed breakthrough developments for mobile devices and rapid advances in communication technologies, alongside a remarkable penetration rate of smart mobile devices.
The technology environment has urged nonprofits to re-design their services, incorporating mobile technologies, to engage and serve their clients, and to streamline their operations.
ITRC will present research findings as part of helping the nonprofit organizations plan their mobile endeavors.
For more details, please visit http://itrcforum.hkcss.org.hk.

Hong Kong: Macau ICT Forum 2016

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The Macau ICT Forum 2016, co-organized by HKCSS and the Social Work Bureau of Macau Government, is held at Macau on December 14, 2016. The aim of the Forum is to facilitate the understanding of ICT trends and the role of ICT in delivering and advancing social services for NGO coworkers. The Forum includes keynotes, system demonstrations and ICT workshops, and is well-attended by 140 NGO coworkers in Macau.

India – Nascomm Foundation

TechSoup’s partner in India, the NASSCOM Foundation is the charitable of NASSCOM, the leading voice of the Indian IT industry. To date, NASSCOM Foundation has launched more than 250 rural knowledge centres, built capacities of over 300 thousand community members in IT and related skills, supported more than 100 social innovators through grants and industry mentoring, empowered over 100,000 youth through job skills and increase their employability, and is currently operating 150 National Digital Literacy Centers impacting 6 million people.

In addition to their technology discounts and donations program, some of their other programs include:

Hong Kong – IT Resource Centre

Wholly owned by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service, IT Resource Centre (HKCSS-ITRC)has been working since 2001 to achieve a digitally inclusive society through enhancing the ICT capabilities of local NGOs. To date, more than 500 nonprofits have gained access to a total of 25,000 donated ICT products valued at HK$88million.

Email: info@hkcss.org.hk
Website: hkcss.org.hk
Tel: +852-2922-9280

Some of HKCSS-ITRC’s other programs include:

China — Non Profit Incubator

With a presence in 30 cities and nearly 200 staff and advisors, Non Profit Incubator (NPI), a nonprofit intermediary supporting more than 1,000 nonprofit organizations and social entrepreneurs in China since 2006.

Email: infosh@npi.org.cn
Website: npi.org.cn
Tel: +86-215-187-9851

NPI’s programs include:

Australia – Connecting Up

Based in Adelaide South, Australia, Connecting Up provides technology donations and discounts as well as directories of nonprofits and technology suppliers, and hosts the premiere nonprofit event in the continent annually. To date, Connecting Up has served more than 15,000 nonprofits in Australia and 4,500 in New Zealand.

Email: customercare@connectingup.org
Website: connectingup.org
Tel: +61-1300-731-844

In addition to their technology discounts and donations program, some of their other programs include:

Philippines – ASSIST

ASSIST (the Asia Society for Social Improvement and Sustainable Transformation) is an international NGO that is focused on capacity building. It seeks to promote sustainable practices to address social problems in the developing world, with a focus on Asia and Africa.

Malaysia — Yayasan Salam

Yayasan Salam Malaysia is a nonprofit organization that promotes the spirit of volunteerism among Malaysians, providing opportunities for individuals to volunteer in communities, both locally and internationally. In recent years, Yayasan Salam has embarked on several community projects from women empowerment, ICT for rural youth, to education for indigenous groups in Malaysia.

  • Email: info@salam.org.my
  • Website: salam.org.my
  • Tel: (+60) 3 7958 4021

South Korea – NPO IT Support Center

NPO IT Support Center is a nonprofit organization that provides the necessary ICT support and resources that Korean nonprofits need to achieve their goals. To date, they have provided consultation, support and assistance in on-the-ground ICT training sessions to more than 500 local nonprofits in Korea.

  • Email: npoit@npoit.kr
  • Website: npoit.kr
  • Tel: (+82) 070 4167 512