Japan – Japan NPO Center

Japan Nonprofit Organization Center (JNPOC) is a national infrastructure organization for the nonprofit community in Japan. JNPOC supports the growth of local civil society organizations, cultivates and promotes multi-sector partnerships, and develops policy-oriented research.

In addition to their programs, some of their other initiatives include:

NPO Hiroba: An online database of over 50,000 local NPOs, allow them to help these NPOs gain accountability and visibility.

Indonesia – Kitabisa.com

Kitabisa literally translates to “We can” in Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia). Kitabisa.com is Indonesia’s most popular online fundraising platform, harnessing the power of the masses through crowdfunding.

Kitabisa.com works closely with many nonprofits, providing resources, such as workshops and training sessions that specifically address digital technology for nonprofits.

Since its launch in 2013, Kitabisa has collected over 8.46 billion rupiah in crowdfunding to support more than 785 initiatives.