A part of the TechSoup Global Network, TechSoup Asia-Pacific supports over 35,000 nonprofits and charities all across 43 countries within the Asia-Pacific region. We’ve partnered with the region’s preeminent civil society organizations to improve lives through the use of technology. Through our partners, we are able to manage a range of capacity-building programs and have delivered more than US$435 million in technology tools and philanthropic services to local nonprofits.

Philippine Partner ASSIST

Philippines – ASSIST

ASSIST is an international NGO focused on capacity building. It seeks to promote sustainable practices to address social problems in the developing world, with a focus on Asia and Africa, through research and supporting various projects

Japan Patner JNPOC

Japan – Japan NPO Center

Acting as a national infrastructure organization for NGOs in Japan, JNPOC has been supporting local civil society organizations through cultivating multi-sectoral partnerships and providing disaster relief along with policies and research