Based in Adelaide South, Australia, Connecting Up provides technology donations and discounts as well as directories of nonprofits and technology suppliers, and hosts the premiere nonprofit event in the continent annually. To date, Connecting Up has served more than 15,000 nonprofits in Australia and 4,500 in New Zealand.

Tel: +61-1300-731-844

In addition to their technology discounts and donations program, some of their other programs include:

Festival of Good Humans

In welcoming spring in Australia, Connecting Up has developed a unique initiative to bring ‘good humans’ together – the Festival of Good Humans. Anyone and everyone are welcome to come together, either learn, teach, volunteer or sponsor. There are roles to suit everyone. In partnership with Fifty Acres & Community Sector Banking, The Festival of … Continue reading Festival of Good Humans

Connecting Up Conference 2016

Connecting Up Conference 2016

This conference will be on 18-20 May at the Hawthorn Arts Centre, Melbourne, and is hosted by TechSoup’s partner, Connecting Up.