We qualify nonprofit organizations for technology donations & discounts from 100+ donors

If you are representing or are supporting a nonprofit organization, TechSoup can help your organization to reach further, and achieve more through the appropriate use of technology. Begin the qualification process by choosing the appropriate TechSoup program for your organization in the drop down selection above.

In 43 Asia-Pacific countries, we give nonprofits access to donated and discounted software, cloud solutions, and hardware. We have helped more than 35,000 NGOs use technology that otherwise would have been out of their reach, and enabled the sector to save millions of dollars. With our help, organizations can leverage the latest technology to improve organizational impact, scale, and sustainability.

Our partner network, which consists of leading Asia-Pacific NGOs, collaborates with major technology companies such as  We ensure that our corporate partners’ technology philanthropy is matched with NGOs that meet our donor partners’ philanthropic criteria.

TechSoup Asia-Pacific is part of TechSoup’s global technology philanthropy program, which has assisted over 1,020,000 NGOs across 236 countries and territories over the past 30+ years. The program forms the basis of an innovative social enterprise model that allows TechSoup to sustain operations while it reinvests in projects to build greater social sector capacity globally.

TechSoup Asia-Pacific NGO partners deliver a variety of technology donations and discount programs to the region. Examples of donation programs and their impacts on NGOs include:

NGO Incubator Pitch

Incubating Solutions to Fight Human Trafficking

TechSoup Asia-Pacific and partner Yayasan Salam hosts an event in Malaysia that brought together organizations with shark-tank-esque pitches on why their initiatives against human trafficking should be incubated. This project was funded by the US Embassy of Malaysia.

Reintroducing TechSoup Thailand

Nonprofits around the globe face similar challenges. However, with changes in political landscapes, shifts in economic powers and evolving market trends, these challenges often become very geographically contained. In early May 2017, TechSoup Thailand organized a networking and learning event to understand the current challenges that Thai nonprofits are facing. As a technology nonprofit, TechSoup … Continue reading Reintroducing TechSoup Thailand

Reintroducing TechSoup Korea

South Korea is popular for several things, many of which are ICT related – the world’s fastest Internet speed, world’s most innovative country in the Bloomberg Innovation Index, Asia’s highest youth digital literacy rate, and Asia’s most e-ready government. Combining a highly skilled and literate work force with more than 90% of the population having … Continue reading Reintroducing TechSoup Korea

Technology for Good Day 2017

The “Technology for Good Day” event, formerly known as “NGO Day”, has established itself as a key platform for non-governmental organizations (NGOs), public and private sectors to exchange experience, develop partnership and explore new ICT and strategies in meeting social needs of all kinds. It also signifies the 13th year collaboration between Microsoft Hong Kong … Continue reading Technology for Good Day 2017

Simplifying Technology

Technology can be daunting for many, especially for those who struggle to keep up with emerging technological trends. In view of the low digital literacy in the region, the TechSoup Asia Pacific team has made it a priority to simplify these ‘daunting’ concepts. Jed Adao, TechSoup Asia-Pacific Project Coordinator, developed a mini series of “Tech … Continue reading Simplifying Technology

Malaysia Partner Yayasan Salam

Salam E-Initiative

Malaysia partner Yayasan Salam has established twenty-three centers across Indonesia to provide ICT training and refurbished computers for those in need.

Technology Donations

Yibo Cloud Solution

NPI provides a laptop-software-support-IT training solution for China non-profits, charities and foundations.