Kitabisa literally translates to “We can” in Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia). is Indonesia’s most popular online fundraising platform, harnessing the power of the masses through crowdfunding. works closely with many nonprofits, providing resources, such as workshops and training sessions that specifically address digital technology for nonprofits.

Since its launch in 2013, Kitabisa has collected over 8.46 billion rupiah in crowdfunding to support more than 785 initiatives.

Instagram savvy Mayor raises USD350k with partner Kitabisa

Among the many on-going humanitarian crisis in the world today, the persecution of the Rohingyas from Myanmar, also known as Arakanese Indians, is one of the longest standing ethnic issues. Shuffling across borders, amidst the violence and brutality, the Rohingyas have not only endured forced labor, arbitrary and detention but also been denied citizenship in Myanmar. … Continue reading Instagram savvy Mayor raises USD350k with partner Kitabisa


When E-hailing Met Crowdfunding

E-hailing has saved lives around the world – used as an ambulance service for its low price, used as a way to deliver emergency medication, and more commonly used as a safe way to get home to prevent drunk driving. Kitabisa in Indonesia recently developed an innovative solution merging the two tech products : e-hailing … Continue reading When E-hailing Met Crowdfunding

148 participants during Bandung's #LetsGetSocial session

#LetsGetSocial @ Bandung

At the end of August, we co-organized #LetsGetSocial! with our Indonesia partner Kitabisa in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. 148 participants representing 87 organizations from across the Java province – Bandung, Tasikmalaya, Garut, and Semarang attended the session. Kitabisa shared tips on how to raise money online, how to be a digital-friendly organization, and ways that … Continue reading #LetsGetSocial @ Bandung