Technology for Mental Health

COVID-19 is an absolute game-changer globally, with more than 164 million infections so far and 3.4 million deaths. Before this, mental health cases are growing at around 0.2 to 0.3%, but COVID-19 has expedited this growth to more than 1900%. This means we see close to 6% growth since 2020 and beyond. 

More than 40% of men and 60% of women will have some form of mental illness in their lifetime. Unfortunately, only 25% of them will embark on therapy, while the other 75% will either choose to remain silent or undergo some form of self-therapy. 

Looking at the current mental health trend, Ahealo is founded in 2020 with the mission to aid people with mental health challenges on self and professional therapy through technology. Ahealo has invested a considerable amount of resources, including our team of psychologists, to create technologies based on psychotherapeutic means to aid mental health recoveries. Ahealo believes in the use of technology and psychotherapy will fasten the pace of healing. Besides, Ahealo understand that user may hesitate to disclose their ID during their mental health caring process, actual ID is not mandatory in our platform.

Ahealo differentiates itself from other traditional mental healthcare providers through the use of technology in its self-therapy tools. Additionally, Ahealo also deploys artificial intelligence in its products to better understand the users’ situations and provide better advice to them. 

Self-therapy Technology Tools 

a. Ahealo Journal

In the journey of mental health recovery, self-therapy is a critical aspect of healing. The ability to eliminate negative behavior, thoughts, and emotions is crucial for people to regain their path toward everyday life. And one of the critical aspects of getting rid of such feelings and actions is to purge these unwanted thoughts. So, based on recommendations from our team of psychologists, Ahealo creates a mental health Journal that allows users to write their experiences to expel these negativities. Ahealo is proud to offer our Journal FREE of use to all our users. 

b. Goals Setting

Sometimes, things can be challenging. This happens to everyone. So, setting goals and targets will visualize the actions and effort for recovery.  Ahealo is proud to offer our Goal Setting product FREE for our users. 

Every goal can be further broken down into smaller goals in our Goal Setting product. Every baby step counts toward achieving the primary goal, regardless of the required effort. Every step counts. 

c. Mental Symptom Test

Know your symptoms of mental healthExperiencing mental health issues can be devastating, but it’s not the end. Before the user gets diagnose with a specific mental disorder, it will be much easier to take a simple test for symptoms. Ahealo offers more than 50+ symptoms for selection, with the underlying questionnaire on each symptom. Then, results are computed using T-score methods to determine if the person has mild, moderate, or severe symptoms. Knowing the positive symptoms of mental health will help to direct specific remedial actions to overcome these symptoms. 

Ahealo offers a FREE symptom test for all our users. So, if the person is suffering from some mental health illnesses, check out the symptom test at Ahealo’s website. 

The Ahealo communities

Ahealo allows our users to analyze, get help, and share every Ahealo Journal record. If the Journal record is negative, the user can share the experience and seek advice from other users and therapists on our platform. But if the Journal record is positive, Ahealo encourages our users to share that positivity with others. Thus, the Ahealo communities create the healing force that every user can give and take to recover mental health. 

Being a part of the Ahealo community helps our users for better healing. Because self-therapy and self-healing can be a lonely journey, and having someone with you helps speed up recovery. Ahealo believes in forging mutual encouragements will better overcome the odds. 

Myths of psychotherapy

Talking with someone about mental health problems is an overly simplistic way to describe psychotherapy. The beauty of psychotherapy lies in the very nature of the relationship in which this “talking” happens. A therapeutic relationship is truly unique in that one human being (the therapist) is solely there for the welfare of another human being (the client). 

Unfortunately, most people don’t get that in real life. No matter how loving their partners, parents, and BFFs might be, people with mental health problems inevitably need someone to play some roles for them as well. In real life, most friendships and relationships are based on some implicit social exchange: “I am here for you, but I also need you to be there for me.” This is why feeling judged or misunderstood is a common experience for those who attempted to have this kind of talk with others in real life. 

This is also why friends can sometimes listen to you unconditionally until they feel like their advice is not being heard. The frame of psychotherapy is extraordinary: “Nothing else but you and your wellbeing matter in the therapy room. In here, the person’s inner experience is the absolute priority”. An effective psychotherapist will not shame the person for their actions, invalidate their inner feelings, impose a life lesson, etc. So, what looks like a straightforward conversation takes on a very different form when it happens in a therapeutic relationship.

Psychotherapy at Ahealo

Ahealo has a wide range of psychotherapists of diversified backgrounds and experience to care for people with a wide range of mental health challenges. Our therapists come from different parts of the world. They can provide the therapy required for mental health recovery without personal identification or information, no traveling, competitive rates, 24/7 availability, etc. 

Mindfulness activities

Mindfulness programs have been widely proven to assist people with mental health challenges as self-therapy. Ahealo understands the importance of mindfulness activities and offers different types of mindfulness activities on our platform. Not ordinary mindfulness activities, but specifically targeting various symptoms of mental health challenges. Ahealo believes in precision targeting mental health symptoms will drive better results and speed up mental health recovery. So do check out Ahealo mindfulness programs as a registered user. 

Ahealo is an intelligent mental healthcare provider who utilizes technology and experienced professionals to provide therapies to people seeking recovery. Designed to work as a marketplace for mental healthcare, Ahealo continues to challenge itself through technology and aggregating more highly trained professionals to provide edge-leading services to our clients. 

Ahealo continues to invest substantially in research and development in mental healthcare to ensure more unique ways of aiding mental health recovery are explored to benefit more people. 

*This article is written by Ahealo. Learn more about them here.

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